We are temporarily not scheduling any bungee classes due to COVID.

Please check back with us in the future for updates.

Accentuate Your Abs With Bungee Fitness Classes

Accentuate Your Abs With Bungee Fitness Classes

We offer bungee adrenaline flow fitness in Raleigh, NC

Defy Gravity in this low impact high flying, total body and muscle burning workout on our Bungee Swing Reaction Trainer.

Bungee fitness is a revolution in physical training, rev up your cardio with almost zero stress on your joints, all while strengthening and toning your entire body and developing your strongest core. Join Chisel Studio for a class or train one on one to maximize your fitness goals. We also host private groups for team building and parties. Hard Work is Big Fun!

Contact Chisel Studio to try your first bungee fitness class.

This off the wall workout is a hard core sweat fest & crazy fun!

Break out of your boring workout routine and make every muscle in your body burn without all the impact. Sign up for a class or book a private party with friends or team building event with co-workers at Chisel Studio in Raleigh, NC.

The benefits of bungee training

The benefits of bungee training

When you choose Chisel Studio for adrenaline flow fitness in Raleigh, NC, you'll get the personal attention you deserve. Check out some of the benefits you'll enjoy from bungee fitness workouts:

  • You'll enhance your strength, balance, motor skills and speed.
  • The exercise is easy on the joints, so it's great for any age.
  • The equipment offers support in all the places you need it most.

Not sure if bungee training is for you? Contact us right away to try your first fitness class.