Chisel is a fantastic personal training and small group fitness facility. Owner and personal trainer, Pilar, has extensive fitness experience and wealth of knowledge of overall health and wellness practices. Pilar works you hard and holds you accountable. Each personal training session is thoughtfully designed to meet your personal fitness goals.

I saw noticeable results in just 3 months. Pilar is supportive, encouraging and truly invested in the success of her client's fitness journey.

I couldn't have hoped for a better personal training experience. Chisel is top-notch.

Kate Hollar

The best owner and trainers! They're all very experienced, personable, supportive, knowledgeable and passionate! Whether it's performing, feeling or looking your best they'll get you right! State of the art, wide array of equipment and methods to help you achieve your goals! A very clean, high quality, welcoming, upbeat, woman owned environment! Please go to Chisel! It was my very best decision!

Greg B

Marcus is the goat trainer, he is very nice and has helped me on my journey since day 1 to gain more muscle.

Noah Ross

Trainer Marcus is the nicest funniest trainer around. He is fun to work out with but sometimes hard and then your sore after. I highly recommend Marcus he is the coolest!


I love that they can give you more personalized training & it's fun!!! Very motivating when you enjoy it!

Kristy K

My trainer Ty is awesome and has helped my basketball skills by getting me stronger and faster.
Super Clean and Private.

Byron R

Great space with all the equipment you could need, trainers who see and treat you as the individual that you are (rather than a face in the crowd), and a warm encouraging environment that is quite conducive to reaching your goals. I've been to many gyms and many boutique fitness studios. Gyms are anonymous and you get lost in the crowd. A lot of fitness studios still have a lot of people in the class and is focused on getting you in and out. Here they get to know you, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses. I love it. I've been doing personal training with the owner Pilar and I am thriving under her guidance and support and, most importantly, accountability. Even texts me to make sure I'm staying on track and asks me what I'm going to do for the rest of the week to be active. The prices are reasonable and it is totally worth your time. For the first time I'm actually excited to get up in the morning and go to a class, knowing I'm going to get a really great workout!

Colleen B

Well equipped, pleasant facility. Pilar is an extraordinary personal trainer. Very sensitive to my strengths and weaknesses, and always encouraging me to improve. She is a tremendous asset in maintaining this senior citizen's quality of life

Irwin R

I've been going to Chisel Studio for over 4 months now and love it. I started out with just the personal training and now take the small group classes as well to supplement my training. I've exercised most of my life, but getting a personal trainer here has really increased my strength and ability. They work around my injury, so I can get the most out of exercise without hurting myself any further. I'm also amazed at the variety of exercises they keep coming up with, so I never get bored and they work my muscles in different ways. The small group classes are really challenging and fun and have a variety of instructors and styles. I highly recommend trying out personal training and/or group classes at Chisel Studio. It was one of the best decisions I've made for myself this year.

Melinda K

Awesome facility. Great equipment. And trainers are amazing!

Marc H

My wife and I love Chisel Studio! Pilar and her team of trainers bring years of experience to a shiny new gym just off Glenwood South in downtown Raleigh! The classes are small - usually no more than 6-7 people - and the one-on-one personal training kicks our butts in all the right ways. Pilar has also worked with us on a nutrition plan, continues to customize our workouts to match our abilities, and we've seen amazing results! Highly recommend Pilar and her team!

Ernie R

I love this studio, the space is beautiful and the personalized service is amazing. I really enjoy the classes. Because of the small classes the instructors are able to give you corrections and push you to your best. I always walk away from a class feeling accomplished and energized from the workout. The staff is amazing!

Phyllis k

I'm a long term customer - have been training with Pilar for more than 10 years. She's an excellent trainer and great friend, and makes the experience all about you. Since she opened Chisel Studio all my personal training and group sessions have been there. It's so nice to find a place to work out where they maintain the equipment and keep everything clean. Which is almost impossible to find in downtown Raleigh. I've worked with most of the Chisel trainers 1 on 1 or taken their small group classes - they are also fun, motivational and share Pilar's passion and customer service philosophy. The Chisel Team is really good at figuring out where you are on a fitness level and customizing workouts that are just perfect!

John W

Love Chisel Studio and Pilar! Chisel is the perfect size for personal training and small classes. I love the feel of the space. It's clean and modern with great equipment. But the trainers are the best part. I trained with Pilar before her new fancy digs. I love the workouts because she tailors them to my specific needs and, if I've got an injury or some other limitation, she accommodates those so that I still get a great workout without getting hurt. I look forward to my workouts and I always leave feeling great. And now my husband and son are working out with Stuart. Stuart has developed a routine to help my son get stronger for lacrosse. Stuart's program for my husband is perfect for his needs. Pilar and Stuart are keeping our family fit and injury free!

Bunny R

The trainers and instructors here are amazing. I have taken classes with both Pilar and Marcy, and they will kick your butt, BUT you'll have fun having it kicked. I've also trained with Pilar for 13 years, and she is constantly researching and implementing new fitness routines to motivate and transform. I cannot say enough good things about her. I also love the space. It's clean, simple lines, inviting. Check it out. You won't regret it.

Kelly B

Love! The small group classes in this downtown neighborhood gym. Quality equipment, first rate personal training , and clean. Nothing else in the area like it!

Dawn W

Chisel Studio is my favorite gym I've ever worked out at! Pilar has assembled a talented group of trainers, who motivate you every step of the way. Stuart has created individual training program that has incorporated both personal training and small group classes. At 44, I'm in the best shape of my life thanks to the Chisel Team.

Adam V

New and sparking clean studio! Super location! Brand new equipment, amazing seasoned instructors, and group classes are small so not intimidating! Love Chisel!

Danielle G

if you want a personal touch with a caring trainer(s) this is the place! You'll get a varied workout that fits your goals and keeps you motivated. Even though I sometimes dread coming I leave happy! And as a competitive tennis player the workouts have kept me on top of my game!

carol l

Pilar has been my personal trainer for 15+ years!! Having osteoarthritis for years, she works around my limitations!! Love her new studio! Enjoying following facebook posts too for Chisel Studio!! Thanks for being my workout support!!!!

Sue L

Perfect environment for me!! Pilar, Marcy, and Danielle have helped me stay motivated !!

Toni D

Pilar has been training us for almost two decades now, and I couldn't be happier that she now has a studio to offer her skills to others in a bright, well-equipped, state-of-the-art studio! Her enthusiasm and that of the other trainers is unparalleled and I can heartily recommend Chisel to anyone looking to get/stay in shape in 2018 and beyond!

David J